November 28, 2021

Top 8 Benefits of Mindabout Mindfulness Meditation

Top 8 Benefits of Mindabout Mindfulness Meditation

According to our regular Mindabout users, here are what they deem to be the Top 8 Benefits of Mindabout Mindfulness Meditation:

1. You will likely increase your self-awareness. 

Self-awareness involves being fully aware of, and focused on, different aspects of our self. Mindfulness enables us to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. It allows us to see the present moment clearly. When we do that, it can positively change the way we see ourselves and our lives.  

2. You will likely reduce your stress level and improve your
happiness in 10 days. 

For many, their state of happiness can be deeply affected when stress arises. Fortunately, linking mindfulness activities such as self-awareness and breathing exercises to other helpful activities such as exercise and eating well can reduce our stress level and improve our happiness over a short period.

You will likely make better choices. 

When we make better choices, our confidence increases and we have a greater sense of self. When we are more aware and less reactive, we realise we have a choice about the way we respond. With mindfulness, we are more able to assess the situation and make wiser decisions about what suits us best.

4. You will likely enjoy
improved focus. 

Focus leads to enhanced perception, learning, decision making, and reasoning. When we get our focus right, our life is much more rewarding. Mindfulness helps us to be much more aware and live in the now. There are a range of strategies which can help us enhance our focus.

5. You will likely become a better parent/caregiver with
mindful parenting. 

Mindful parenting can help us to respond thoughtfully to our child’s behaviours instead of automatically reacting to them. It is about being present in the moment in an attentive, non-judging and non-reactive way with our children. Research indicates that mindful parenting strengthens the relationship between us and our children.

6.  You will understand success and failure and
how to deal with these.  

Failing is a reality of life. Some people are able to dust themselves down and move on. But many others can’t or don’t, and suffer from powerful negative emotions. Mindfulness helps us to manage failure; as a result, we are better placed to achieve our goals and success.

7. You will likely have
better relationships with those who are important in your life. 

Building better relationships is dependent on many factors: open and positive communication; realistic expectations; clearly expressing our emotions, and needs; demonstrating trust, among other considerations. Mindful practice can help us to decide on what we need to do to enhance our relationships.

8. You will likely be able
to break bad habits, e.g. smoking. 

This is challenging. It requires a firm commitment to a positive lifestyle change, a plan, an understanding of the brain’s reward systems and the desire and passion to succeed. Mindfulness helps us to reflect on the sacrifices we may need to make to support our commitment and whether we are passionate enough to see this through.

Enjoy the benefits of Mindabout Mindfulness Meditation!