May 26, 2021

Happy and Healthy Relationships

It’s pretty much accepted that how you express your feelings makes a huge difference in how your feelings, emotions and needs will be heard.  However, sometimes things get out of control too fast and it’s not so easy to express yourself as you may wish. Hopefully, the guidance below will help.

Welcome to this first session in our Happy and Healthy Relationships Collection. We hope you’ll enjoy being with us. In this Collection, we will explore the knowledge and several techniques you can use to ensure, and even enhance, a Happy and Healthy Relationship. In this first session, we will focus on how you can clearly express your emotions, feelings and needs. How you express these to your partner is critical and will ensure you’ll be heard.

For this practice, find a peaceful and comfortable place to sit, on a fairly firm chair. Wear loose fitting clothes, or perhaps the nightwear you will wear if slipping into bed immediately after this practice.

Ensure your upper torso is erect but not stiff, relax your shoulders, lay your hands gently on your lap or knees and allow your eyes to close.

As you settle into this posture, resolve to ignore any thoughts, feelings or distractions during this important time, as best as you can.

Your central focus is on the breath. This is your anchor in this present moment.

You are not trying to go anywhere or do anything. Just settle into this present moment in time and focus on the breath.