At 11 months of membership, you will be sent an email reminder to ask whether you would like to continue in Year 2. If you decide to continue then your credit card will be automatically charged for a second time.

You can cancel your Subscription at any time. If you cancel following the 14-day cooling off period then your initial payment will be non-refundable.

Please download our APP from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. Please press Sign Up on the APP and complete registration. At this point you will be able to enter your code into the box provided.

Our Support Team is available 6am until 6pm Monday to Friday UK Time.

We aim to get back to our customers within 24 hours.

If you didn’t find what you’re look for then please email us at support@mindabout.com and we’d be delighted to help you further. We do our best with replies and we aim to get back to our customers within 24 hours.

To begin with we have added some wonderful images into ONE to inspire you and send you positive feelings. ONE gives you access to your Camera or your Photo Library. You can replace our images with your images to personalise your ONE Wall or your ONE der Wall ! We use our images to look at when we’ve do a being grateful meditation. It’s a great way to visualise your loved ones! Please try.

The founders of Mindabout discovered that they often needed a quick way to get Mindful, for example, in an emergency meeting or a stress moment. It’s an audio free space that just allows you to breathe. Maybe you will be in a queue and you don’t have your headphones with you. You can switch on Breathe to be calmly guided.

We have created an app that allow you to choose between a male voice or a female voice. Alex and Misha will help you all the way. You can also swap between the two voices.

We understand that we’ve all got busy lives but if you can listen for a few minutes every day then we believe that you will discover Mindfulness and it’s potential.

To login please visit the Apple APP Store or Google Play and download our APP. Once you have download our APP please open the APP and press Sign me up. Once you have signed up and completed your purchase you will be able to sign in using the email address and password created at checkout.

Please use the “Forgotton Password” link at the log in page of your APP.

Yes, you will need to use your mobile data plan or a WI-FI Connection to use the APP.

You initial subscription period is 12 months from the day of purchase