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Love and Reduce Stress.

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Mindabout is a way of life Mindfulness App to boost Health, Happiness and Reduce Stress. Make Mindabout your powerful Mindfulness companion and use it anytime.



Mindabout is an On-the-Go Mindfulness Meditation App. Mindabout can help you enjoy life more and understand yourself better. Surround yourself with people like you and create communities.

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Every aspect of life, mindfully

With over 100+ Sessions the Mindabout App has been designed to help you and your community with every aspect of life.

Begin your extraordinary journey and explore your splendid mind and body.

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Mindfulness for an ever-evolving world

It's about allowing ourselves to see the present moment clearly.

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Designed for your time space

Individual Sessions and full Collections to be used anytime in your schedule

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Fully-narrated Meditation

You can choose from either a Male or Female voice with all our Collections.

Featured Collection

Reduce Stress and Sleep Soundly

In the Stress Collection, we will explore the knowledge and techniques you can use to deal with stress, thereby enhancing your well-being. In the Sleep Collection, we will explore sleep hygiene: the ideas and techniques you can use to self-manage and improve your sleep episodes, if sleep is problematic.

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Featured Collection

Mindfulness at Work

In this Collection, we will explore the ideas and techniques you can use to self-manage and enhance your work life.

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Other Featured Collections

Boost your Health and Happiness

Some of our other collections include: Achieving Happiness, Love and Sex Collection, Feelings Collection, Breaking Bad Habits, LGBT Collection.

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Stay calm with Breathe

Breathe is a tool you can use on silent when you feel you need to take a moment to yourself, in a meeting or on a date or when you having an emergency.


to your Mindful Space

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Discover ONE

ONE is a dynamic technology allowing you to photograph and later reflect on all those special moments in time. Our smart piece of technology sits within your Mindabout Mindfulness App. What could be simpler? In essence, it’s your mindful space.

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    Create your own scenic journey

    ONE is a tool to allow you to capture images and create your own Mind Library.

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    Share your Moments

    You can share your moments on your Social Media Platform because the best view is your view.

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    Create your Community

    ONE will help you enhance your community. You will begin to experience afresh things that you have been taking for granted.